Oct 31 2011

Temporary Tattoo Fonts

Posted by lu in Tattoo

in this image we have a set of sources of the tattoo, i.e. the size and font style that may or may not choose to be part of a tattoo that we have. although calling it the source of the tattoo is a bit misleading, as this is actually a font of tattoo. everything on the blade is a source in the capitals, in smaller letters and in the case of numerical digits from zero to nine. everything you need to write something in this source is there. now, what font is exactly i don’t know, but one can say that is something the world of old england.

1000 designsthat tattoo print is safe. it seems some sort of source i used before it was called “gothic” something or other, but it’s not quite the same. this is a bit smarter and have a bit more of this style of it.what font is used in the tattoo can be very important. a lot of black temporary tattoos are things to say, as the name of someone s, date of birth, a poem, a verse of a song and who knows what else. but if someone can’t read the writing on your tattoo then why does it really? the graph doesn’t do the trick? don t forget the source of the tattoo.

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