Oct 27 2011

Feet Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo

foot tattoos can be the subject of controversial when discussed amongst the mix. it is not because there’s something s an inherently wrong with a tattoo of a foot, it’s just some people think that getting inked s in parts of the body can be somewhat risky proposition. some people think that getting inked skin at the top of the foot can cause all sorts of problems. if you mention the subject of a tattoo of a foot of the first things you’ll hear is that they can cause damage to the nerves of the foot.

1000s of printable tattoo designsthe theory is that the skin is very thin on specific parts of the body piercing with needles would damage the nerves are very sensitive located there. but, let me address the issue of it here and now. there is no evidence to support the fact that getting a tattoo of a foot would cause damage to the nerves. in fact, i personally have known a few people who get tattoos temporary rose feet without any side effects at all. now i’m not saying that m s impossible, especially if an experienced artist or using too much pressure with a tattoo gun. i m just said that it was highly unlikely s.

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