Oct 24 2011

Flame Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo

this is the flame of the tattoo, which is a bit unusual. this s differ from those that i v e seen because the design was done entirely in black and white. usually, when you see the flame tattoo there are different shades of red and orange colors, which make the design look like actual fire. so, apparently this flame tattoo is a more important time than just a beautiful design. why would anyone get flame tattoo anyway. well, if s not for bright colors, then it must be for the meaning.

download award winning tattoo designsyou see, fire has a dual nature, it may help in the conservation of life that you hold so warm, the lighting of the dark path and even defending the person that you can take advantage of properly. at the same time, however, can also be destructive. can be burned forest and in many cases, the entire city. many people use fire as a symbol of this dvojnosti, is used to express the passion and transformation. fire long lasting temporary butterfly tatoos are often used as a medium to show these feelings. flame tattoos are also a great way to express the power of ?utnosti and zeal. be sure that your passion last so long as you soaked with ink art, however, with this design as a daily reminder.

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