Oct 20 2011

Cracked Nails

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the nails are one of the most beautiful feature of our bodies! in fact, i’d say that even an adult, clean and well-kept nails made clear their concerns on personal hygiene and beauty. but, as i always say that our body is a complex mechanism and is susceptible to pain, injury and, when we tend to overlook his care, and social. scratchy, the nail is one of the problems facing many people in this world. your nails look great when they are healthy and lose their natural color. regardless, but work on their shiny appearance, if you don’t want to maintain them properly, no cosmetics job! this is not only malnutrition and improper care of nails, which leads to cracked nails. there are many other causes, and will continue to act.

cracked nails: causes

together with the lack of good food and bad care of nails, are some of the most important causes of the cracking of the nails set out below.
inappropriate diet: as soon as possible subject to the most common cause of cracked fingernails. the non-inclusion of foods rich in vitamin c, vitamin a and vitamin b12, minerals such as calcium, biotin-rich foods such as bananas, mushrooms, egg yolks are one of the properties of the incomplete diet leads to cracked nails. in many cases inadequate iron causes the popping of the fingernails.
water scarcity: the nails usually cracks due to drying. such an over drying is due mainly due to lack of moisture in the skin and nails.
ignorance on the care of the nails: nail care is an important precondition for maintaining the beauty and health of the nails. ignorance may lead to the crackle of the nail, the loss of moisture, the loss of natural colour and fragility.
menopause: menopause actually brings many changes in a woman’s body. one of these important changes, scratchy, the nail. therefore, in many cases it’s menopause, it is an important reason, which leads to the formation of cracks in the nails.

cracked nails: axle

currently we are witnessing the frequent causes of cracked nails, lack of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, ignorance to care for your nails are some of them. now let’s take a look at the treatment of cracked fingernails. axle usually depends on the cause, there is one remedy for cracked nails.
if there is a lack of water, is the main reason, cracked fingernails, then the use of high-quality hydrata?n is an effective means to it. this would avoid the nails before poprasknm and it would also enhance their appearance.
you can get the humidity for the use of vegetable oil. everything you need to do is, dip a cotton swab in some vegetable oils, and then use it for your nails. you can do it about 2-3 times a day.
including foods rich in minerals, vitamins, etc. another important treatment cracked nails. it shall provide all the important nutrients for your hello kitty nail decals and preserve the health and beauty. in short, a balanced diet is the need for the treatment of cracked fingernails.
don’t bite your nails or slice is in danger as a coincidence. if you do it so that your nails are growing as well, and then it would be hard to shape again. although, it is not treatment measures, it can become a good preventive measures for cracking of the nails.
cracked fingernails, is not a serious problem. in fact, some people don’t care to find it, because it has no effect on their life style at all! however, if you are aware of your nails, then you must follow the above treatment measures and preventive measures on medical prescription. not only people, but also pets suffer from the problem of cracked fingernails, so if the cracked nails in dogs is your business, so you can meet with a local veterinarian and learn about the exact causes and treatment measures for it. you can ask your doctor for more information about the best creams and hydrata?n on the market or may also refer to the expertise that relate to the same. for this discussion, i hope that she could answer, how to deal with cracked nails and it will give you an overview of the causes of cracked fingernails.

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