Oct 18 2011

Bird Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo

i love the blue aqua in this necklace temporary tattoo of wild birds. there seems to be something between a bird and a dragon if you ask me. how to call this type of birds? perhaps a dragird or something as well. s than what i like about tattoos, anything goes, and nobody is going to say anything about it. it is an art form, and the person with the tattoo of birds has a reason why he chose a particular design, it might be from the feelings were the day they took the decision.

designsor 1000 printable tattoo that may be that they love the colors, who knows, no one more than the client tattoo and perhaps tattoo artist. the more i look at this tattoo of birds i think that it is very attractive and that it might only be a badge of a group of some classes. it seems almost out of a military comic book or something as well. hey blue falcon is down, that it sounds to me? i would like something like this in the back of one of my shoulder blades, i am not sure if i you want to on the side of my arm. of course that should be put in at least two colors, because i am a demon of color.

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