Oct 12 2011

Tahitian Temporary Tattoos

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Taitanski temporary tattoo have their roots in Tahiti, which is the largest island in Polynesia-a vast archipelago, consisting of over 1000 Island in the subregion of Oceania. This is an interesting fact that the word tattoo comes from the word tatau, which is in fact how local inhabitants called their land. Taitanski style branches of polinezijski tribal tattoo, which are marked for brave and abstract symbolic models. Other varieties which fall under the polinezijski style are Marquesan, Samoa, Hawaii and maorite.

History of tattoo temp letter taitanski
European researchers discovered on the island of Tahiti, where the two met in tropical wild spaces and wide valleys of Polynesia. Then they noticed the wide use of the word tatau by local inhabitants, whose nude bodies were completely covered with bright body-art. When the Europeans back home, they started referring to all types of art of the body as a temporary tattoo, misinterpretation of the actual plan. Therefore, the appearance of the word tattoo which is actually zaimstvan by the Native Taitanite. Foreign penetration of the Christian missionaries in the 18th century led to the prohibition of tattooing in Tahiti, since is considered profanity and harmful to the body. All the detailed documentation and drawings were destroyed. By the end, antropolozite are able to find several lost records and design who studied and applied.

Taitanski tattoo Meanings
Taitanski tattoo were decorated by men and women of the island. They range from simple to complex geometrical models, however, each one has its own sense and significance. This requires a lot of perseverance and courage to traditional ink tattoo taitanski, due to the extremely fine details, which has caused much pain while de-inking. Contemporary these, which do not entail the same intensity of grief. Tatuirovkite were used to personificirat rank, personal accomplishments, ancestry and social situation of the individual.Taitanski tattoo, modern and traditional, so a typical style of finely detailed artistic models, which represent the figurative and geometric elements with a variety of topics. This is a custom taitanski to undergo the cleansing phase, which includes post and complete chastity for a certain period of time before someone gets a tattoo.

Tattoo plays such a central role in the life of taitanski, that he/it had to be made in the tendering phase of adolescence. It considers that the inclusion of Bodie, California art would mean proper phase of breaking of the seals of the childhood and a comprehensive maturer level of understanding. As a result, over time, the level of the individual in taitanski society began to be measured according to the number of the tattoo, which he would sport. It will also mean wealth, force and power. Therefore, the tribe leaders used to sport the most extensive and sumptuous tattoo.

Taitanski tattoo depicted the culture and traditions of the various local tribes. They were also used to determine the boundaries of each individual and in addition, the various factions within the island. Taitanski tattoo for women are lush and revealing a delicate and full members, brave sensuality. Usually they use to get a tattoo (a) done in the Chin, which were considered graciozna and feminine than males.

Ideas for tattoo taitanski
There are two variants of the modern Tattoo Flash-taitanski stock and own design. Flash design are usually previously manufactured units, which receives over work quickly and easily! On the other hand, these projects are limited and sometimes iztrkano! So if you have a specific idea for your tattoo, and then stick in order to work. Can be improved and materialize your ideas with the help of an expert painter. Boys may wear smooth as Vai O Kena, Manu Maohi and Nuku Hiva tattoo that resemble gekoni, dragons and giant sepii, depicted in a transmission mode.Girls may try to carry Fenua Enata or Kea Etua, which depict the porpoise and tortoise in various models. But again, that tattoo, you want to wear, is entirely at your discretion. So feel free to experiment!

History speaks high of taitanski culture and more prominently, taitanski tattoo. The custom of de-inking began more than 2000 years and is still neumira?ata tradition in their society. Regardless of their complex and usrden design and gradual disappearance of modern society, many tattoo artists and enthusiasts still strive to maintain this classical and elegant form of body-art, which paved the way for other successive tattoo.

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