Oct 10 2011

Polynesian Temporary Tattoo Ideas

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Polynesia, which means “many islands”, covers approximately triangular geographical area, a beautiful group of islands in the Pacific, mystical, Hawaii on the North the apex, New Zealand in the South West and Easter Island in the South East. Art temporary tattoo was always part of the culture of polinezyjskiej from thousands of years, Each island has a distinct style of tattoo designs and patterns, and Polynesia, the significance of the tattoo are based on their culture and history. Polynesian tattoos style, though often compared to plemienne tattoos, actually use the odwa?niejsze abstract or concrete figures, which are based on a deep history of the different islands in Polynesia. If you are inspired by the polinezyjskiej culture, and then obtain Polynesia tattoo is an ideal choice. So let’s have a look at different ideas Polynesia tattoo.

Types Of Polynesia, Tattoos

There are many polinezyjskiej designs tattoo and meanings, however, there are two main categories. One of them is Enata, and the second is Etua. Enata designs tattoo can be defined as the natural tattoo designs that describe people, their identity and status, and have a strong spiritual and religious projects Etua importance attached to them. They have also considered the magic symbols, which offer protection against God. However, Polynesia tattoo designs today does not mean as much today as people loves them for the project, rather than magical protection or a statement of the status. Here are the types of Polynesian tattoos and various ideas Polynesia tattoo:

Hawaiian Tattoos: perhaps the most popular tattoos all Polynesia tattoo ideas are Hawaii tattoo. Also known as Kakau, Hawaii tattoos were used to identify a person as talizman, which provides protection, or as a symbol of mourning. Sandwich designs of tattoos are usually larger and more pronounced when compared to other Polynesian tattoos ideas. The most popular tattoo designs are Hawaiian flower, turtles, lizards, dolphins and sea waves.Hibiskus Hawaiian and storczyki are also popular projects, symbolizing the bearing love Island, recognizing beauty and fragile nature of life.

Maori Tattoos: Mori are a group of people in New Zealand. They relate to their tattoo art Ta moko, which is the traditional process of a tattoo or tattoo the symbol of the project. Traditional Maori tattoos were used as a means of identification of persons, and often covered the entire face, as well as the legs and buttocks by men and usually covered the area of the Chin with curved designs for women. Maori tattoos are very unique designs with intricate spirals and beautiful shapes of curves. Maori tattoo inspired by Polynesia ideas well anywhere on the body and are particularly well suited for tattoos. Read more about the culture of the Mori.

Tiki Tiki Tattoos tattoo designs belong to Polynesia statues and sculptures that depict the human form. There are thousands of gods and bogi Tiki from different symbols. Most of the Tiki gods tattoos are displayed with closed eyes, because they have the power of the odour problem before they will see. Make one that projects a tattoo, on their own or in bold in the flower design and colour pictures on the outside. Most people feel the tattooing of Tiki culture, while others call it be wary of interest in the culture of Tiki in the 1950 and 1960.

Tattoos of Samoa: the next great idea Polynesia temp tattoos is a temporary tattoo to Samoa. These Polynesia tattoo designs are abstract and are loaded with cultural significance. Tattoos Men traditionally begins in a chest until the cubes with large areas of the projects are completely black. This is one of the most traditional ideas of Polynesia, tattoo, which can be a source of great natchnienia if you want to design a tattoo is composed of small repeating elements, especially if you create your own symbols as the basis for a tattoo. However, due to the incidence of those tattoos, they require a lot of tattoo care.

These were some of the ideas of Polynesia tattoo.There are many other ideas as well as a tattoo, but it is important to choose a tattoo artist who knows as little about polinezyjskiej culture or history, so that you are convinced of the importance of the tattoo you want to achieve. You can include pictures as sea turtles, shark teeth, shells, etc. geckos to Polynesia tattoo designs a more unique and original. So go and these exotic and complex designs tattoo ink!

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