Sep 30 2011

Chrysanthemum Temporary Tattoo

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Chrysanthemum is one of the most widely cultivated flowers in the world. The popularity of these colors have reached such a height that chrysanthemums are already gone, to become the undisputed “Queen of autumn flowers.” It took centuries of careful breeding of horticultural and flower-lovers to come up with a wide range of flower colors, shapes and sizes. In these days of chrysanthemum flowers are available in different shades of pink, red, purple, yellow, Orange, bronze and white. The word Chrysanthemum comes from the Greek, where it means golden flower. In Japan the Chrysanthemum was Sun flower presented. In fact, the Japanese imperial family adopted it as its emblem and seal of the Japanese emperor. He was portrayed in different cultures as a symbol of perfection. Due to a number of values in the annex to the present flower, chrysanthemum temporary tattoos have gained popularity among fans of tattoos. In this article we are going to read about these beautiful flower tattoos.

Chrysanthemum flower tattoos Value

For Confucius, chrysanthemum was the object of meditation. On the other hand, in Japan, the process of choosing from chrysanthemum petals is called reflection of perfection. Good spirits is an attribute in the annex to the present a wonderful flower in autumn. Consequently, it surely makes an excellent choice that will be used for happy occasions such as weddings and birthdays. However, there’s irony there. In European countries like Belgium and Austria, chrysanthemum flowers, as they say, means death, and are used at funerals. In Italy, chrysanthemums, as they say, at the funeral, perhaps because they are associated with impunity. Click to read on Japanese art tattoos.

There are a lot of emotions attached to flower is chrysanthemum. It can be used to signify hope, excitement, loyalty and longevity. Partners often decided to give chrysanthemum flowers to your loved ones to show that their love is clean and that they will always remain faithful to their partner. Universally red is associated with love.Red chrysanthemums is a perfect way to tell your search about love. Yellow chrysanthemum on the other hand, symbolizes the neglect love. Click to read about the meaning of Chrysanthemum flower.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo

The Japanese Chrysanthemum descending butterflies tattoo great work performed as part of the back, body suits or as sleeve tattoos. If you identify with autumn and flower blooming, you can decide to Chrysanthemum tattoo done. If you believe in contemplation, it is design for you, because it also symbolises the withdrawal and retreat. It can also be used to portray the light-hearted way. There are a number of colors in which you can get a tattoo done of chrysanthemums. Red and white chrysanthemums are often chosen to identify the current emotional state. Red Chrysanthemum means love in the air. On the other hand, white chrysanthemums will reflect that your love is true and upright. You can also choose to combine it with some other projects of the tattoo. Some people also use it as a filler for other tattoo designs when they use more canvas to make a tattoo.

Big Chrysanthemum tattoos are often made on the back or shoulder. They may also be made on the shoulders. The upper hand in another part of the body, which can be decorated tattoos chrysanthemums. It also makes for a great tattoo to grace the feet or ankles. Read on Japanese tattooing.

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When you decide to do the tattoo chrysanthemums, make sure you have the right image of a flower. After the removal of tattoos is a painful process to get a temporary tattoo is a great idea, at an early stage. If you are sure about design, you can get a permanent tattoo done.

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