Sep 24 2011

Tribal Cross Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo

This design is an excellent example of a tribal temporary tattoo cross. I love the neon blue tint around the cross and if it inked on the skin that then it would be a whole cool tattoo. But I’m a real fan of these tattoos to start. I think because it is a mixture of styles, and so it looks more unique. Tribal cross tattoos combine the cross

temporarary tattoos

with the Visual language of tribal art. Tribal temporary tattoos are a style of tat that heavy black lines and angular, sharp images used in the example of a traditional tribal tattoo.

1000s of Printable Tattoo DesignsThis tribal ink was originally inspired by tats done by the Maori tribe, as well as other Polynesian tribes. Nowadays, most of the tribal works of art we see is not authentic to a specific tribe, but is styled. Including the Christian cross in this imagery is used to combine two popular tattoos and an updated look to this religious icon. Tribal cross tattoos can be seen on both men and women, anyone who wants to show off their Christian ideals by marking their body. Many men choose to have their cross tattoos on their upper arm or forearm, while women get their tattoos on many different places, such as the wrist or ankle. I want my tribal cross tattoo ink on my chest. But, that’s just how I roll.

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