Sep 30 2011

Chrysanthemum Temporary Tattoo

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Chrysanthemum is one of the most widely cultivated flowers in the world. The popularity of these colors have reached such a height that chrysanthemums are already gone, to become the undisputed “Queen of autumn flowers.” It took centuries of careful breeding of horticultural and flower-lovers to come up with a wide range of flower colors, shapes and sizes. In these days of chrysanthemum flowers are available in different shades of pink, red, purple, yellow, Orange, bronze and white. The word Chrysanthemum comes from the Greek, where it means golden flower. In Japan the Chrysanthemum was Sun flower presented. In fact, the Japanese imperial family adopted it as its emblem and seal of the Japanese emperor. He was portrayed in different cultures as a symbol of perfection. Due to a number of values in the annex to the present flower, chrysanthemum temporary tattoos have gained popularity among fans of tattoos. In this article we are going to read about these beautiful flower tattoos.

Chrysanthemum flower tattoos Value

For Confucius, chrysanthemum was the object of meditation. On the other hand, in Japan, the process of choosing from chrysanthemum petals is called reflection of perfection. Good spirits is an attribute in the annex to the present a wonderful flower in autumn. Consequently, it surely makes an excellent choice that will be used for happy occasions such as weddings and birthdays. However, there’s irony there. In European countries like Belgium and Austria, chrysanthemum flowers, as they say, means death, and are used at funerals. In Italy, chrysanthemums, as they say, at the funeral, perhaps because they are associated with impunity. Click to read on Japanese art tattoos.

There are a lot of emotions attached to flower is chrysanthemum. It can be used to signify hope, excitement, loyalty and longevity. Partners often decided to give chrysanthemum flowers to your loved ones to show that their love is clean and that they will always remain faithful to their partner. Universally red is associated with love.Red chrysanthemums is a perfect way to tell your search about love. Yellow chrysanthemum on the other hand, symbolizes the neglect love. Click to read about the meaning of Chrysanthemum flower.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo

The Japanese Chrysanthemum descending butterflies tattoo great work performed as part of the back, body suits or as sleeve tattoos. If you identify with autumn and flower blooming, you can decide to Chrysanthemum tattoo done. If you believe in contemplation, it is design for you, because it also symbolises the withdrawal and retreat. It can also be used to portray the light-hearted way. There are a number of colors in which you can get a tattoo done of chrysanthemums. Red and white chrysanthemums are often chosen to identify the current emotional state. Red Chrysanthemum means love in the air. On the other hand, white chrysanthemums will reflect that your love is true and upright. You can also choose to combine it with some other projects of the tattoo. Some people also use it as a filler for other tattoo designs when they use more canvas to make a tattoo.

Big Chrysanthemum tattoos are often made on the back or shoulder. They may also be made on the shoulders. The upper hand in another part of the body, which can be decorated tattoos chrysanthemums. It also makes for a great tattoo to grace the feet or ankles. Read on Japanese tattooing.

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When you decide to do the tattoo chrysanthemums, make sure you have the right image of a flower. After the removal of tattoos is a painful process to get a temporary tattoo is a great idea, at an early stage. If you are sure about design, you can get a permanent tattoo done.

Sep 30 2011

Punk Temporary Tattoos

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Punk temporary tattoo are often associated with the counter-culture movement, which existed during the 1970 and 1980, in the United States and Great Britain. punk tattoo, as well as other movements, was based on the lack of appearance and musical styles. This is often represented by symbols and creative use of a hairstyle and clothing styles. Generally speaking, the various images and symbols are the potpourri punk tattoo designs from other cultures hrabal. These are often placed in very designy punk tattoo as conspicuous locations and the head of the neck, hands, face.

Download the award winning Tattoo DesignsSince culture is hardly known for its taste in music, many punk stickers tattoo also contain a reference to the band, or lyrics. Most of the time, punk temporary tattoo are very clearly and use a lot of shade. Due to the fact that he believes that most people are missing the creativity of the company and that conforms, punk tattoos are usually very unique and contains clear color shades and sometimes contradictory statements. One word of caution must be, however. If you are thinking about one of these, then make sure that you know spurn tattoos, which means the symbols and are willing to make a statement that you have to do. Anything smaller, you will look like “pzerov”.

Sep 30 2011

Rihanna Temporary Tattoo

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We now have Rihanna temporary tattoo, and I think that most everyone will love. One of the most sexy and most famous girls in today’s show business stars and she has a temporary tattoos stars on his that in May the people wanted to refer to their path to glory. Allows you to ask whether this temporary tattoo of Rihanna stars was made before or after she became famous. I’d like it was before. Just because it’s pretty cool that she was able to later become a famous star. In a way, it’s to know his fate.

1000s print Tattoo DesignsAt at least, she would have to believe that fate, when no one else did.Yes, Rihanna is one of the most beautiful girls in the world and as such it is coveted by the men around the world. And therefore it follows that most everyone should be interested in a little known Rihanna tattoo on the back of the neck. So for all the people there to look at it and what is this dream that you want to dream. Personally, I think, one should look at her as a girl, which she did it, and this means that you can do that too. Use it as an example not just celebrities. It would have any real value.

Sep 30 2011

Dreamcatcher Temporary Tattoos for Girls

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More and more people with temporary tattoos. Therefore, it is not unusual to see a number of new tattoos and some old designs reemerging. One such tattoo’s Dreamcatcher tattoo design. In particular is very popular among the women of the people, who are the sports of Dreamcatcher. While some use a tattoo for the beauty of the proposal, while there are others who Dreamcatcher tattoo on the meanings associated with the design. There are many ideas that can be used to Dreamcatcher tattoo for girls and tattoo seem unique in comparison with other tattoo.

The Importance Of The Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoo has its origin in American Indian traditions. This is the tribe Ojibwaya, which is given in the credits for the same. There is a legend regarding the Dreamcatcher tattoo. It is said that the tattoo is able to protect the wearer from bad tattoo, violent dreams, which was difficult to have a quiet sleep in the night. He says that the dream is involved in the site, so the name of the Dreamcatcher. If it is to be placed in simple words, the tattoo is nothing other than a filter, which filters good from the bad, and not let the bad influence on humans.

There is another meaning attached to this tattoo design. It is said, not only the dreams, but provides protection against the different types of evils. Therefore, it was not unusual to see Dreamcatcher talisman was the cradle of children or even at the door.

Dreamcatcher is also seen as a leader of wisdom, who masquerades as a spider to catch and the web. The Web is a cycle of good and bad, that every man must go through in life. Good is symbolised by the threads which hold the web together, while the bad is allowed to pass through the gaps and the memory is not bad.

Dreamcatcher tattoo designs for girls

Thoughts on the proposal for Dreamcatcher tattoo for girls, are many. One of the most common idea is that the web site, with their feathers hanging from the loop. The Web can be drawn using the imagination. For example, you can use the face of the floral pattern within the site. For the more creative you can choose to loop with barbed wire, and inside the loop will contain eye-catching design.It may be a landscape architecture and scenery design, which is part of the loop between the Dreamcatcher. As in the previous proposal, might be feathers hanging loop. There are many proposals that make use of barbed wire spell out web site.

There are various proposals, which may be used in conjunction with web design. People who are of animals and birds, selects the animal face or face the bird with the design. Often this wild animals, which have been selected for the same. Commonly used birds and animals face include the Eagle, wolves, owls, Tiger, etc.

Celtic designs are also part of the Dreamcatcher temp jewelry tattoo for women. There is a huge amount of Celtic designs, which are used. These structures are often included in the Centre of the loop, which lends to the various beauty tattoo design. Often use the Celtic tattoo design patterns, is used to cover a larger canvas.

Unique design would be to the loop, like a flower and feathers is similar to the leaves and stem of the flowers. Butterflies may be included in the tattoo, tattoo relatively unique.

After reading the Dreamcatcher tattoo ideas for girls, you’ll want to know where this should be a tattoo placed on his body. These tattoos are often located on its back. They may also be located in the center rear, lower part of back, neck and sloping region. Unique position to place the Dreamcatcher tattoo as socks, with their feathers flows on the legs. Similarly, it can also be used as a charm bracelet with flowers on the back of his hand.

Just watch out, than you get from the Dreamcatcher tattoo, is to get from the temporary tattoo. Just in case you don’t like the design, you can always have it changed. However, as soon as a permanent tattoo is, it will be difficult to get rid of a tattoo or make changes to the tattoo design.

Sep 30 2011

Small Cross Temporary Tattoos

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Among several temporary tattoos designs, the heart and the cross are designs only in such a way that they are universally recognized and accepted. Here we are going to see more about tattoos cross by men and women. If you are a beginner and don’t want to go wrong with your tattoo, cross tattoos are just for you. You may not be aware, but there are several designs and different models you can have with the cross as the central theme. However, let’s take a look at the meanings of the cross in detail tattoos.

Meaning of the cross tattoo
The cross is a symbol that does not need any definition or explanation. He is universally known that the cross is a religious symbol which represents Christianity. Therefore, this tattoo design is very popular among religious and believers in Christianity. However, this is not the only meaning associated with the cross. In some cultures, it is believed that mother nature and father, represent while in others, representing immortality. Curiously, the cross is only a symbol, which can be found in Aztec culture, in the tribal forms and Celtic, as well as in ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures and other forms of art. With so many peculiarities, the cross certainly is one of the most sought-after after tattoo designs today. A cross tattoo can be large or small size depending on the preference of the user. Here we will see more in the small cross tattoos.

Small ideas of the cross tattoo
The basic cross can be modified in various designs for a unique tattoo art. Here are some ideas in small designs of tattoo cross by men and women.

Simple cross
One may not be aware, but even a simple cross can be done in different ways to make tattoos.Different forms of cross tattoos include the cross the resurrection, the Aztec cross, the Egyptian cross, etc these designs can be in color or black tones.

Floral cross
A cross surrounded by flowers and covered with a vine is another simple ideas cross and female temp tattoos Angel for women. The Egyptian cross looks better when it covered with vines of Holly or the flower of cherry, etc. A cross surrounded by a rosary is one of the best temporary tattoos small cross on the wrist for boys and girls.

Tribal and Celtic Cross
The tribal and the Celtic Cross tattoo art and designs are gaining popularity for its uniqueness and attractive features. The tribal cross with wings symbolizes the faith and therefore makes it one of the best cross tattoo designs. Secondly, the beautiful Celtic Cross with their patterns of knots is a tattoo design. Read more about tribal cross tattoo designs.

Apart from these, if one is looking for small cross tattoos, which can have the Aztecs, the Egyptian cross tattoos, or Gothic inscribed on the body cross tattoos. One of the crossover designs another tattoo includes an image of Jesus carrying the cross. However, an artist from the tattoo with an exceptional talent is needed for this design drawn in a smaller size. Interestingly, the small tattoos cross on foot with gargoyles or snakes to her around it are also famous among certain groups of people. However, these designs are surrounded of negativity and therefore, it is better to avoid them.

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One of the advantages of the small cross tattoos, is that it can be placed anywhere in the body. However, the wrist, chest, arms are some of the best places to get this tattoo. Finally, we must remember that a tattoo done of a tattoo artist certificates from the hygienic point of view.Whatever their reasons and beliefs, the small cross tattoos never fail to attract attention and never ever be out of fashion. Good luck!

Sep 29 2011

Nautical Star Temporary Tattoos on Wrist

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Wrist temporary tattoos have always been a favorite in the circle of lovers of the tattoo. And nautical star tattoos are just some of the simple tattoos with deep symbolic meanings. The meaning of a nautical star tattoos has always been a topic of discussion. These tattoos origin by seaman, the nautical star led all night. These tattoos were associated with the stars. But nautical star tattoos on the wrist are also linked to a popular belief a person gay or lesbian. Before moving on to learn more about why nautical star tattoos on the wrist is related to homosexuality, let us know other meanings related to the nautical star tattoos.

Nautical Star tattoos-original meaning
The nautical star is a five star armed with each arm divided into two symmetrical sections. These symmetric sections of each arm are colored with colors. The first group of individuals to be tattooed with a star, was the sailor. Far behind, the glider was regarded as a life-threatening work, due to much less equipment available for directions and safety, especially during the night. These people relied completely on a North Star for navigation during the night. This particular star was the polar star, as we know it today. This star remains in the same position for a long period of time, i.e. in the direction North and, consequently, the sailors could count on this star for directions. So, the sailors could easily navigate at sea with the help of this star and for this they called as nautical star. Sailors started tattooing the nautical this star as a form of lucky, who believed will provide them a safe journey home. This is considered the original meaning of a nautical star, but with time the nautical star tattoos meanings changed gradually.To learn more about nautical star tattoos designs.

Nautical Star tattoos on the wrist
With the arrival of the 20th century, nautical star tattoos started to receive several controversial meanings. The company that belonged to this century did not accept the concept of homosexuality and homosexual people who were supposed to conceal their preferences. Somehow, lesbian women started receiving tattoos starfish, as an indication of their orientation. The wrist was chosen for a tattoo start boating due to the ease of hide. Day star was hiding with fabrics and accessories and night, has been left open to communicate the point. The origin of this concept is not yet clear, but over time, a tattoo on his wrist nautical star became the symbol of homosexuality. At the end of the 20th century, as gay and lesbian community started to be accepted by common people, this meaning of the star boats disappeared. And these days, a star temporary tattos waterproof on his wrist the nautical star is a fashion statement. Learn more about nautical star temporary tattoos, tattoos on the feet and nautical stars on the flanks.

Wrist tattoos tattoos are some of the smaller and more beautiful. Even if the pulse is a very small, you can get tattoos beautiful about it, with detailed drawings. Usually, tattoos used for wrist are simple and cute. Many people who want to hide their tattoos with full sleeves, usually go for wrist tattoos. Even some employers do not allow their employees to endure any type of body art, so if you’re working for that employer, then a wrist tattoo is the right choice, how can you hide with full-sleeved shirts and other accessories.

Nautical star tattoos to be a simple, symmetrical and small tattoo, meets all the requirements of a tattoo on your wrist.A tattoo on the wrist can be positioned on the inside of the wrist, wrist top or can surround the entire area of the wrist, in the form of a bracelet as the design. There are many variations in the design, which you can do with a tattoo on his wrist nautical star. But we must keep in mind that the pulse is a very sensitive area due to padding, much less and, consequently, wrist tattoos are quite painful. In addition, wrist tattoos require more time to heal because of movements. You can ask to remodel the wrist tattoo, given that the wrist is an area with very high exposure. To learn more about:
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It was a summary on the nautical star tattoos on the wrist. With so many questionable meanings related to the nautical star, you may be confused while choosing this tattoo design as body art. But you should also consider other meanings of the nautical star, lucky charms, the desire to be a star, strength, protection, etc.

Sep 29 2011

American Temporary Tattoos

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American temporary tattoo designs are often soaked with ink to the bodies of those who have a lot of love for the United States of America. These people can be in the military of the United States or have been in the army in the past. It can also be soaked in the ink on the people who have a lot of confidence for his home, or have been born there or moved there from somewhere else. American tattoos can have any number of different elements, which can be combined in almost infinite array of different models.

Download Award Winning Tattoo DesignsThe the most common elements for the American tattoos are the American Eagles, flag, stars and even good old Uncle Sam. By mixing and matching these elements enable the person concerned, the creation of American tattoo, which is not only unique, but also very personal. Other items that may be added to American tattoos are phrases that are considered patriotic and unique in the United States. Among them are phrases such as “Don’t Tread on me”, “home of the brave”, “Made in America”, “Born in the USA”, “American” and “in God we trust”. This can add a little more sentimentalnosti that American temporary tattoo and it will be all the more personal and patriotic for personally by the bears.

Sep 29 2011

Tinkerbell Temporary Tattoos

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There are a ton of different temporary tattoo Tink?rbel us there. There are probably as many variations to this pattern, because the amount of people that want one. Consider what you can do with one. Try to design one with wings or perhaps not, either way is acceptable. Try to change the color of the hair of tattoo Tink?rbel. You have different colors of hair, to choose, red, yellow, black, brown or even fantastic colors such as blue or green. You can design a tattoo Tink?rbel with large siee a smile or even mr?st.

Download Award Winning Tattoo DesignsAnd then you could all kinds of different elements of the design of the Tink?rbel tattoo. Want plemenen Tink?rbel? There is no reason it cannot be done. All these options are to your personal style and imagination. So, just do not allow for the Disney version of tattoo Tink?rbel. Spice it and add a little flair. This is your body, this is your design. You can do whatever you poiska. All you have to do is to put a little thought into it. And then all we can say goodbye to boring tattoos temporary Tink?rbel, which have been exaggerated one million times.

Sep 29 2011

Stars Temporary Tattoos

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Of course, a star temporary tattoo is particularly popular with women. However, they should be? After watching the stars in this picture I’m not sure I have a tattoo. You know what went wrong is going to ask. So, just go ahead and tell you why I dislike this star tattoo temporary jewelry design. It’s all ready. First of all, you’re ready to jump over to my house so much fun to climb! We women have three small blue star at the waist. Talk about the lack of originality.

Tattoo DesignsThere to put in any design, award-winning, absolutely no idea I was inspired. Boring, plain and simple. Star temporary tattoo designs on my next problem is that it is not signed as well. Which does not have a definite place in the design of ink. It is not a big deal, too. The last batch of designing a complaint. This is the woman’s body was not placed on the spot. It highlights all her stretch marks. Now, it’s not sexy at all! This picture is a popular tattoo designs it runs out of all people and does not mean that you should get one, which goes to show.

Sep 29 2011

Tribal Cross Temporary Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos have undergone major changes because of their origin, within a day on the backs of the 19th century. Before temporary tattoos were based on very specific things. However, now we have tattoo designs on the basis of almost everything, from Hummingbird to skull tattoo! Although the new tattoo designs comes up almost every day, some old tattoo designs will never lose its charm! Tribal cross tattoo is one of the following theme, which was and still is popular. If the tattoo designs were only invented the religious theme was the greatest demand, cross designs, one of them. The popularity of tattoos is not lessened at all even after the end of the century! There are many reasons for this, before moving to them, let us first see the type of intersect designs. Read more about tribal tattoos.

Cross designs primarily found in tribal and Celtic tattoo art. Non-tribal and Celtic Cross tattoos include a variety of themes, such as commemorative tattoos, tattoos, and sometimes also with flower scorpion tattoos temp design. In fact, after getting a cross temporary tattoo done, therefore, decides to choose with. For example, those who represent the cross tattoo with religious inclination only tend to get a simple cross. People who want to cross tattoo on tattoos, rather than a religion, to choose a Celtic tribe, or other arts. The choice depends on the tattoo also means a tattoo. Let us take a look at the tribal cross tattoo designs thus now.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Concept

Tribal cross tattoos are usually done to signify the relationship with the tribal community. Although tribal tattoos look other cross tattoos, they are unique. Tribal tattoos to use black ink and unlike other tattoos, they have made a wide range of strokes that make them stand out. Talking about the other meanings tribal cross tattoos, tribal people are choosing between designs, if they like a certain feature of the tribe.Sometimes people get just impressed with the beauty of tribal cross tattoos and so choose them. Let us take a look at the various tribal tattoo design is now over. Read more about tribal cross tattoos.

Unique tribal tattoo designs

Classic Tribal cross Tattoo Designs, tribal cross tattoo designs Classic is one of the most popular design. General design of the greatest contribution to this popularity. Other things like perfectly sharp edges, and symmetrical shape makes it a popular choice. Unlike other tattoos tribal tattoo is very complex and easy to spot. So, if you want to have a traditional touch to your tattoo, tribal cross chose this design. Read more about tribal tattoos, the males.

Floral Tribal cross tattoo: this design is quite popular among the girls. If you don’t want to just cross the border, you can have flowers like roses. But sometimes, when there are many flower bunch of cross charm gets hidden. To avoid this, you can only choose two roses village cross, which makes them look like they are offered on the cross. Read more about tribal tattoos for women.

Angel of feathered Tribal cross tattoos: this is one of the unique tribal tattoo design over. Angel winged cross symbolizes love and faith. Like other tribal tattoo designs, Angelic Wings is also done in exactly the same way. However, you can make your own tattoo, using two colors, one of the wings and cross one. Read more about the Angel tattoo designs.

Celtic Tribal cross Tattoo Design: this is one of the newest cross design. Tribal and Celtic is the oldest part of tattoo art. So, why not blend them together to get unique tattoo design? This can be done by taking the Celtic Cross and the tribal pattern. Read more about Celtic design tattoos.

These were some of the best tattoo design over the tribe.Similarly, as regards other tattoos, tattoo care also requires tribal tattoo over how ignorance can lead to infection of the tattoo. Above was some key designs, you can also add your creativity and create totally unique personalized tribal cross tattoo designs!